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What is the cheapest way to move a piano?

Oct 6


How to Ship an Upright Piano

There are four options for moving long piano distances and if you need to move it across the country. 


  1. You can rent a truck to move your stuff
  2. Professional piano movers to hire
  3. Rideshare or peer-to-peer shipping
  4. Consolidated freight


Like other pianos, upright pianos have 88 keys and more than 10,000 moving parts. This is a lot to move and a lot to damage. A piano can be moved by one person, but it is highly recommended that you hire professionals to do the job, regardless of size or style.


It is essential to pack your piano correctly if you decide to move it yourself.

Skip packing instructions. Let's have a closer look at each one of these methods.


For short-distance moves, renting a truck is an option. This is a good option if you don't have much stuff to pack or move or are moving within a small radius.


If you are moving a piano, you can pack it and load it in a rented vehicle or a pickup truck if you have one. Moving a piano is not recommended unless you have professional help, especially if it is a fragile, expensive, or large piano. These are some things to remember if you decide to move your piano by yourself.


  • To move a piano, you should not place it on its back. This can cause internal damage.
  • It will take at least two hours to move your piano. This includes the time it takes to load your other belongings. It is tough and time-consuming to move a piano by yourself. This requires lots of planning.
  • To ensure that the piano fits easily through all doors and hallways, measure them.
  • To prevent the piano from tipping or falling, you will need helpers (at least three to five people). One person should be at each piano's end, with one on each side. A fourth person should be at the other end to help spot any possible collisions and to keep doors open. More people are better than fewer people when it comes to moving the piano.

Moving upright pianos

It's not over, but loading your upright piano on a moving vehicle requires special considerations. These are some tips to keep in mind.


  • First, load your piano and then unload it.
  • After you have secured the piano to a four-wheeled dolly, start rolling it by tilting its front edge upwards. This will clear any bumps or thresholds.
  • To help your piano slide down the ramp to its total weight, place two movers at each end. To control the piano's movement, place a third person at its back.
  • To help your piano move up the ramp, place two movers at its back so that they can push it. One helper is at the front to direct the piano's movement. To stabilize the piano in the event, it tipps and places a fourth person at its side.
  • Make sure that the piano is securely secured inside the truck. The piano should be rolled up against the truck's back wall so the keyboard side faces the wall. To add stability and cushion vibrations to your piano, remove the four-wheeled dolly. Use moving straps to attach the piano to the railings or support bars. Double or triple-fasten your piano to ensure a smooth ride. It shouldn't be capable of shifting more than 1 in. in any direction.