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Is it worth moving an old piano?

Oct 6


Although a piano can be an excellent way to add music to your home at a moment's notice, it can also cause stress when you have to move it. A piano mover in Torontocan move a  piano, but even small pianos are over 300 pounds. You may wonder whether you should do it yourself to move this beautiful instrument. Let's talk about this!

It is essential to protect your piano during a move.

First things first

Some steps can be followed to ensure a smooth piano move, regardless of who moves it.


  • Make sure you close your piano lid before it moves one inch. Also, close the critical cover.
  • Use tape only if the lid or keys cannot be locked. Any adhesive that could damage the instrument's finish can be used.
  • Protect your piano with padded blankets.


It is not an easy task to move a piano. Professional help is available if you are unsure how to tackle the task.

Hire a Piano Moving Company

Moving a piano is not easy. There are many things you need to keep in mind. One small slip or bump could cost you thousands in repairs. If you have a grand piano or need to move it up or downstairs, it is worth calling a piano mover toronto company. Your DIY piano move may end up costing more than hiring movers. 


Although it may be more expensive to hire professional piano movers it will be well worth it for peace of mind. Professional piano movers have the right tools to ensure your piano arrives safely at your new home.


These are the most important things to remember when you work with a piano-moving company.


  • When choosing a piano mover, do your research. Ask others who have had their pianos moved for advice on the internet.
  • Send a message on Facebook, call or send a text to your local music store or piano. They should be able to give recommendations on piano movers they can trust.
  • Always confirm the insurance of your piano mover. In most states, moving companies are required to have insurance. Even if insurance is not required in Arizona, it's worth considering moving with insurance. No matter where you live, you should not accept a "yes" answer when you inquire about insurance. Make sure that the movers have proof of their policy.
  • Your homeowners' insurance may cover your piano during the move. You can find out your options by calling your agent at insurance.

You can move the piano yourself.

It isn't easy to move your piano from one place to another. This requires great care. A piano not being moved by a professional requires more preparation and work than a DIY move. Moving a piano is like moving an elephant made of glass with hundreds of crystals. This delicate instrument deserves more than just being put in a pickup truck and hoping it works. These are important considerations when moving your piano.


  • Keep your piano upright when you move it. Although it might seem unbelievable, the piano strings are subject to 18 tons of pressure! One of the keys could snap if it is not in its proper orientation.
  • To move your piano, you can use a piano doll or a dolly. This tool can be placed under the piano's center of mass to keep it level and upright throughout the move.
  • Protective gloves are recommended to ensure that you do not lose your grip.
  • Everyone loves a good solo piano, but nobody wins if the solo moves go sideways. To safely transport your piano to its new home, enlist the help of your closest friends.
  • It would help if you did not push your piano across carpeted floors. You could end up breaking one of the legs. Before moving the piano, lift it completely off the ground.
  • You should remove the piano entirely from the ground before you move it to hardwood floors. To minimize damage, you can use caster cups or a dolly to slide it.


Professionals can assure that your piano is safe after traveling long distances.

Cost to Move a Piano

How much will it cost to move your piano safely to its new home? The cost of moving a piano depends on many factors, such as its size and whether it must be moved up or down stairs. It could cost you as low as $100 to move a small upright piano around town. A grand piano could be moved to a different state for around $1,000. Moving your piano yourself is possible, but you will need to use some tools owned by moving companies.


  • A 4-wheel piano moving doll - $125
  • A hump strap for $25
  • A locking piano belt - $25
  • A piano skid board - $125
  • Move pads and blankets - $50
  • Packing tape - $10

Moving the Distance

Moving your piano across town will increase in cost. Moving your piano from one place to another is easy. Most major cities and towns have at least one company that can handle the move for $100 to $500. It could cost anywhere from $400 to $1,000 if your move is long distance. Before you know it, your piano will be in your new home, filling the house with music.