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Piano Moving Cost

Oct 5


It may seem simpler and cheaper to hire a moving company for your instruments, but moving a piano is not something you should do yourself. Pianos can be heavy, awkward, and fragile. Piano movers in Canada cost an average of $700 to $1800.

While some companies charge $150 for a move, long-distance moves or more complicated moves can cost up to $2,000 or even $3,000. These services can be expensive because pianos require skilled and professional skills to safely transfer. The cost will vary depending on the type of piano and the hourly rates charged by different companies.


What Does a Piano Move Cost?

The location of the piano, the distance it must be moved, and whether it is a full-sized concert piano, a baby piano, an upright, or just a spinet will all affect the rates. Here are the main factors that most piano moving companies consider when quoting their services.


Piano Shipping Cost Factors

Because of the many cost factors, there is no one-size fits all price for shipping a piano. Pianos exist in a variety of sizes and weights. Prices are also affected by how far it is being shipped, the cost of insurance, and the difficulty of the route between your home and the truck. Learn more about important cost factors.


Size and weight

Cost is affected by the size and weight of the piano. The larger it is, both in terms of space and weight, the more difficult it is to transport. The weight of the piano will also affect the cost. It takes more fuel to ship it, and the vehicle is more likely to wear down. A small upright piano can be moved locally for $150. However, a grand piano may need to be shipped to another part of the country for up to $2,000.



Moving a piano costs $1.50 to $2.50 each mile in the local area and $2.50-10 per mile for long-distance moves. Due to fuel and time costs, delivery fees will rise with distance.



The cost of going upstairs is around $5-10 per step or $40-100 per staircase. These extra fees prevent damage from occurring when you navigate these areas of your home.


Moving equipment

The cost of moving equipment can vary depending on the type of instrument being moved. These are the average prices for equipment that pros might use.

Dolly: $130-$200

Hump: $25

Locking belt: $25

Skid board: $125

Protective blankets and pads: $30-$35

Crane and hoist: $750-$2,000

Packaging tape: $3 per Roll


Special Packaging

Special packing costs can range from $100 to $1,200 depending on the needs of your instrument.

Grand pianos need to be dismantled or crated. The pros will take it apart and place it on its side. Dismantling costs about $100. The cost of creating an instrument is approximately $800, but it can be more expensive if it needs to be heated. It will cost you about $1,200. The best way to transport upright pianos is to wrap them on a skid board or dolly.