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Piano Moving is Best Done by an Expert

Sep 20

Do you plan to move to a new place and do all the work yourself? It is possible to move furniture by yourself, provided you do not include moving the piano in your DIY project. You cannot just put them in the back seat of a moving truck. Piano moving requires extreme care.
Here are some reasons DIY piano movement is not a good idea.

1. It's Possible to Damage Your Piano
Despite its size, the piano is quite delicate and can easily be damaged. When moving a piano, it must be maintained upright. The steel strings can have high tension and exert very high pressure. A slight mishandling could cause one or more to snap. Repairing a damaged piano will cost you more than hiring a professional pianist mover.

2. You Can Damage Your House
They are heavy and awkwardly shaped. It's difficult to lift them up and over stairs, and through doors. There is a high chance that the instrument will cause damage to your walls, doors, or furniture if it isn't handled properly.

3. You Can Injure Yourself
Pianos are typically between 400 and 1200 lbs in weight. The risk of injury can be high when moving such large items. Back injuries are quite common when moving pianos by yourself. People who don't know how to lift heavy items often put too much pressure onto their backs, causing them injury.
You can end up with permanent damage to the spinal cord from a simple saving. A few other minor injuries can also occur, such as scrubbing or smashing your fingers and toes.
Do-it-yourself piano moving can be dangerous. Also, when you consider the price of hiring a professional piano mover, DIY piano moves are far more expensive than paying a professional.
A reliable piano moving company can be hired so you can focus on the things you love, such as decorating your new home.
To move a piano from Austin, TX to another city, hire the Piano Movers Austin TX team. You will get the best possible services at affordable prices.


You cannot simply move your family piano with other household goods. Moving pianos needs to be done with care and caution. The blog discusses the top reasons why you shouldn't try DIY piano transport.

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