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Summer Moving Tips In Monterey County

Sep 13

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Every move is likely to be more challenging than you think. This is especially true for summer moves, mainly due to heat and because moving companies are at their busiest in the summer. It is imperative to plan your move thoroughly, and it can simplify the entire moving process considerably more. So, how to go about it? The answer is that there are steps to follow to finish the move with minimal disruption, which is why moving companies Monterey will walk through these steps in the piece. So, keep an eye out, and let's find out what an effective summertime relocation requires.

Movers are the busiest in the summer, so plan your move well early enough

The time of year that the moving companies are most busy is summer. There are many reasons behind this. Most importantly, it's because summer is a vacation for those who work and children who aren't in school. Additionally, the weather is more pleasant than in winter, but you may prefer to stay away from the time when temperatures reach their maximum so, if you've made the decision to move during the summer months. Monterey moving company has plenty of work at this time of year. This is the reason you must plan your move date well in advance. It is recommended to schedule the date at least two weeks before the date in case you want things to go as smoothly as possible.

Moving companies are in high demand during summer. Therefore, it's recommended to plan the date one month ahead.

Moving plan

Making a smooth moving day is more likely when you're not stressed. This way, you'll have plenty of adequate time develop an efficient moving plan and finish the tasks that come at you without the stress of sluggish deadlines weighing on your shoulders. However, even if you are under pressure, If you have a solid plan, you'll be able to speed up the process. When you have scheduled your moving date, take an eraser and make your moving list If you're unable to devote enough time, your organizing abilities could be tested, but you'll be able to get through it. The only drawback is that you'll be faced with more to do regularly. This is normal in the process of moving. Here are some tips that you should not forget when moving:

  1. Notifying your landlord
  2. Notifying U.S. Postal Service and letting them be aware that you're changing your address.
  3. Informing your employer of the relocation
  4. Looking for a few days of rest around the day of the move
  5. Cancelling/transferring utilities
  6. Gathering necessary documents and creating backups

Ask for some help

While hiring movers is the best assistance you can receive, relocations aren't always easy, So any help is always appreciated. While the movers Monterey will definitely offer you help during the move, there are many things you'll need to perform on your own. Therefore, if you find this difficult, it isn't a bad option to approach your friends or family for help. But, of course, you wouldn't need to push it by offering them the most difficult tasks to complete and avoiding any work. A true teamwork approach is what you require for your move, and we're confident that your family members would be happy to assist you.

Keep hydrated

California can be extremely hot during the summer months; there is no doubt about it. Even when you're enjoying a relaxing time at home, you have to drink plenty of water to cope to the scorching heat. Imagine what the day of moving would be like when you didn't take good proper care of yourself. We'll admit it, moving day can be tiring, and you should be aware of your health. Aside from staying well-hydrated, we'd also suggest you put on some sunscreen and eat some moderate healthy meals on the moving day and the day before that. Also, a good night's sleep before the day of your move is highly recommended. We realize that these minor things might not be top of mind when moving. However, an enjoyable summertime move is more than the transfer of goods from point A to B.

Do not forget to serve your movers a refreshing drink

While it's crucial to remain hydrated and take care of yourself, don't forget to care for those who support you too. It's not effortless to do all the work in the summer heat of California's Golden State. Even the most skilled mover needs a break or two. In the end, they're human beings. It's not a good idea to disturb them when they're at work naturally. But, give them a refreshing drink when they have a break and want to refresh themselves. They will surely be grateful.


Keep hydrated throughout the day of the move. Don't forget to provide your moving crew with an ice-cold glass also.

The success of your summertime adventure could be contingent on the days of the week you choose.

The traffic in cities is one factor that could make your move both more pleasant or worse. The smoothest sailing is an essential aspect of the relocation experience. This is the reason why moving during rush hours isn't something we'd recommend. It's not necessary for us to explain traffic congestion in Monterey. What is the ideal time to relocate? It's hard to determine since traffic can be unpredictable. However, generally speaking, there's a lower chance of traffic jams during the week ( but not during rush hour) than on weekends. This is why you may want to think about this and make your schedule with Monterey movers on weekdays when possible.

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