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What To Consider When Moving a Piano Safely in Austin, TX

Jun 10

It is not easy to safely move a piano in Austin, TX. Moving a piano by yourself is dangerous. It can cause damage to your piano and your property. Here are some tips to help you if you're determined to move it yourself.

Tips and Tricks for Safely Moving a Piano in Austin, TX

  1. Request a Helping Hand

Pianos are unusually shaped, with the top weighing a lot and the middle weighing less. The feet are very delicate, and the middle is heavier. If you don't have the superhuman strength to lift it by yourself, it can be difficult to move. It is best to have at least three to four people help you move your piano. You must ensure that your chosen people are strong enough to lift the heavy instrument. Everyone with strong arms, from your family and friends to your neighbor next door, can help you move it.

  1. Get the Right Equipment

Grab heavy-duty straps that will hold the piano in place and allow you to move it. You will also need heavy-duty straps to lift the piano and keep it in place. To ensure that your piano doesn't drop, you need to secure it on a furniture dolly using ropes or straps. A moving company can help you choose the right equipment based on your piano's type.

  1. Properly Lock the Keyboard Lid

A piano isn't an acoustic instrument if it doesn't have a keyboard. This is why it is so important to protect it at all costs. It is essential to lock the piano's lid and make sure it doesn't move. Wrap the lid with tape if you don't want to lock it.

  1. Wrap the Piano in a Blanket

Before securing the piano with packing tape, wrap a blanket around the piano. Make sure the blanket is thick enough to prevent any bumps or marks from getting on the piano.
After wrapping the piano properly, do not lift it by the legs. They are extremely fragile and delicate. It should be moved in an upright position by others. It is better to hire professional movers than deal with the tedious task of moving your piano. Hiring professional movers will take over the tedious task of moving a piano.